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Exploring The Benefits Of Shredding Services

Hi there, I'm Ginny Rickets. As a business owner, I always pay close attention to reports of identity theft. In my area, people were stealing documents out of the garbage to obtain personally identifiable information about their victims. The biggest impacts were to businesses that threw all of their old client and employee information into the trash at the end of the year. I began researching ways to avoid this crime and stumbled across shredding service companies. I was instantly won over by the services offered by shredding professionals. I now take all of my old documents into the shredding department to dispose of them properly. I hope to use this website to inspire others to do the same. I will share the benefits of using a shredded service over the other document disposal options. Thanks for visiting.

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Solving 3 Common Copier Issues

Copiers are truly amazing pieces of machinery that make many an office worker's life much easier on a daily basis. However, like all pieces of machinery, they can be prone to a screw up now and then. Read on and discover a few of the most common copier issues and how you can troubleshoot these issues.

Spots On Copied Pages

If you notice that every time you copy something, the printed copies have a number of spots that are printed out in the same location every time, then chances are, you can fix this issue in a few seconds. This problem is most likely caused by a smudged or otherwise dirty copy glass. You can fix this by using a window cleaner or all purpose cleaner, squirting it onto a few paper towels, wiping down the copy glass, then drying it off with a separate dry paper towel.

Paper Jam

This is perhaps the most common and dreaded issue that can befall your copier. There are a number of reasons that your copier might suffer a paper jam, and most of them are actually quick fixes. It could simply be the case that your paper size is either too small or too large or that you – or another member of the office team – did not properly load the paper into the copier tray. It is also imperative that you wipe down the feed tray on a regular basis, and this tray can become loaded with debris and other gunk that can cause your paper to back up and jam.

Copies That Are Too Light Or Too Dark

This is another fix that will usually only take a few seconds out of your time. If your copies are coming out too dark or too light, check out the density controls. These controls will tell you how light or dark your copies are going to come out. It could be the case that someone tampered with these settings and simply forgot to set them back to the default. Another issue, although far from serious, is that you need to replace the toner. If your paper is coming out too light, it's likely that your toner is running low on ink, while if the paper is printing too darkly, it could be the case that the toner ink has simply gone bad.

As you've seen, most issues that befall copiers are usually nothing to worry about. If there is an issue that you simply cannot fix, don't hesitate to call on the help of a professional copy machine repair service, like Lafayette Business Machines Inc.