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Exploring The Benefits Of Shredding Services

Hi there, I'm Ginny Rickets. As a business owner, I always pay close attention to reports of identity theft. In my area, people were stealing documents out of the garbage to obtain personally identifiable information about their victims. The biggest impacts were to businesses that threw all of their old client and employee information into the trash at the end of the year. I began researching ways to avoid this crime and stumbled across shredding service companies. I was instantly won over by the services offered by shredding professionals. I now take all of my old documents into the shredding department to dispose of them properly. I hope to use this website to inspire others to do the same. I will share the benefits of using a shredded service over the other document disposal options. Thanks for visiting.

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Three Tips For Caring For Your Copy Machine

Your employees likely require a number of specialized tools, such as a copy machine, to do their duties. Unfortunately, there can be many business leaders that poorly maintain these devices, which can cause their copiers to be at a far higher risk of suffering serious damages or malfunctions. To prevent your office's copy machine from experiencing this fate, you should use the following copier care tips.

Keep It Free Of Dust

Dust can be one of the biggest threats to your copy machine. It can get on the interior of the copier, which can lead to it getting between the internal moving parts and causing them to jam.

In order for you to prevent dust from causing serious harm to your copy machine, you will want to make sure to dust the copy machine every couple of weeks. When dusting the copy machine, you should use a microfiber cloth to thoroughly wipe down the exterior of the machine. Additionally, you will want to clean the area around the toner cartridge because dust can collect on the heads of the toner cartridge. These accumulations can inhibit the flow of toner, which can cause your unit's copy quality to severely degrade.  

Minimize The Threat Of Electrical Surges

Modern copy machines use complicated computers to ensure they run as efficiently as possible. Sadly, it is possible for strong electrical surges to cause extensive damage to these sensitive components. When your copy machine suffers this type of damage, the control panel may no longer function, and the system  may lose the ability to regulate the amount of toner it is using.

You can prevent this type of damage from striking your unit by making sure to always have it connected to a surge suppression system. These systems will intercept any surges before they are able to reach the copy machine.

Have The Copier Professionally Serviced

Each year, it is important for you to have your copy machine professionally serviced. These devices require a number of moving internal components in order to function. However, it is possible for these rollers, gears and belts to suffer extensive wear over the course of a year. By investing in a copy machine service, a technician will work to ensure that these components are in good condition, and they will replace any of them that have started to suffer wear and tear. Additionally, the interior of the copier will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust particles that may have made it inside the unit.